September’s AHIMA President Message

Dear Leaders and Delegates,

You might be familiar with the phrase “Data Rich – Information Poor.” We are inundated with healthcare data, from the articles we read to the apps we use. But the question often becomes: What do we do with this data when it’s time to make a healthcare decision?

We as HI professionals know why it’s important to be able to access and use healthcare data — making better healthcare-related decisions, monitoring our health, and improving our wellbeing, just to name a few. But for many patients, the amount of data concerning their health can be overwhelming when they need to make decisions about a new diagnosis or find out how to treat a chronic condition.

The use of portals has improved patients’ access to their health-related data. The next step is making that medical data easier to use. As HI professionals, we might know what the results of a recent doctor’s visit might mean when we check our portal, but does everyone? How can we as HI professionals make this data more informational to help patients take the health information from portal to practice? In other words, how do we help patients use the data to tell their story?

It is our job, if not our calling, as HI professionals to help make patient healthcare data easier to use so that patients can make more informed decisions about their health and well-being. I’d like to tap into our great HI community and hear about your successes — even your failures — in turning data on health into more usable health information. Read the latest AHIMA article by Jennifer Mueller, President/Chair AHIMA.

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As always, as your AHIMA Board Liaison, I am here to help your CA stay connected to AHIMA. I am available to answer any questions or participate in on your CA Board calls…anything you like, just ask!

Take care! Hope to see you soon!